Tales of the 13th Age: The Golden Griffons

The Crown of the Lich King part 2
Into the Hellmouth

Nameless, a Half-Elf Ranger, was the only survivor of Jaxor Fell’s expedition. For days or weeks, he cannot say, he has wandered the labyrinthine corridors of the Living Dungeon known as Hellmouth. After being alone for so long, he stumbles upon the Golden Griffons.. Cautiously he trails them down the hall he just came down only to have discovered it has changed!

The Griffons entered a chamber with a myriad of silvery mirrors hung on the walls. Shortly after they entered, the door slid shut. Hoping they knew the way out, Nameless slid under the closing door. The door also bore a mirror.

Globes of magical light appeared high above them, illuminating the chamber. As they turned to address the newcomer, their reflections stepped out of the mirrors. One of each of them, two of Tristan, and three of Nameless. The reflections, demonic creatures known as Fetches, attempted to kill their doubles and merge with them for some sinister purpose. After disarming one of his doubles ( and watching its weapon shatter like glass ) , Nameless decided to try destroying the mirror his double stepped out of. The Fetch shattered like glass. The Griffons smashed all the mirrors, but one of the Fetches managed to merge with Tristan.

The party proceeded deeper into the labyrinth. Penvice fended of the attack of yet another Ogre seeking vengeance for his falling brothers. He stunned the giant by kicking him in the vitals, and freezing it’s face off with Chaos Pulse. Moments later they found a chamber that was one giant pitfall with giant iron spikes at the bottom. Nameless lead them around the tiny ledge on the other side. They came to a caved in corridor. There was a small opening near the top. The group tried to encourage Snowflake to crawl though to see what was on the other side. After seeing all the biting and stinging insects living in the crevice, she refused.Turning back, they found that the corridors had shifted again, leading them to the labyrinth’s exit!

The group came upon the Donjon. The chamber had two large lava vents above which hung several cages. Inside the cages were several dead members of Nameless’s expedition, including Jaxor Fell! In the deeply shaded recesses they heard the rattling of hidden prisoners’ chains. Suddenly, all the bugs infesting the chamber fled past the party. Penvice cast Dancing Lights to illuminate the other side of the chamber! A cyclopean demon called a Gazer charged Nameless and pinned him against the wall. It dug it’s filth encrusted talons into Nameless’s shoulders. The Gazer then turned its accoursed gaze on the remaining party, draining a little of Penvice’s lifeforce! The prisoners began to snap their chains and were revealed to be a horde of zombies!

Nameless broke away from the beast and climbed atop one of the cages, nearly dead from the Gazer’s attack he fought several of the zombies. Penvice handled the other zombies with a combination of spells( Breath of the Green and Burning Hands) and sustains several bites from the zombies. Snowflake and the rest defeated the Gazer. Snowflake chopped of it’s head.

The group then peppered the newly arisen Jaxor Fell zombie, still trapped in his cage, with arrows until it fell. They searched the zombie and found and took a rucksack that contained a bunch of maps, 100gp in assorted coins, 2 healing potions, and a keyring full of keys ( actually the Guildmaster’s Keyring). Penvice takes his battle axe and his dagger.

They came upon a spiral staircase up and as they were climbing, Penvice burned awak a patch of slippery lichen and moss. Next they found a chamber where the other door was on the ceiling. Snowflake directed the others to form a human ladder that she then climbed, and found that when she crossed the threshold of the door, the gravity shifted. she dropped a rope for the others to climb up. Nameless then lead them sneaking through the nightmare kitchen of a grieving Ogress.

Wandering down a twisting corridor, they came to a vast magma chamber. Across it was slung a wooden suspension bridge, on the other side, a pack of gnolls gathered round shooting bones. Penvice and the paladin crept across the bridge, but a creeky board gave them away at the last minute. The group overcame them, and divied up their loot: About 35gp in various coins, several arrows, and one of the gnoll’s bows ( actually a Haughty Elven Longbow ).

Beyond the magma chamber they found a ladder that went upwards into the darkness. When the party climbed up they found themselves in a cave. Outside of the cave they discovered they were a couple hundred from the ruins. They made camp by a nearby stream to recover.

Crown of the Lich King Part 1
Into the Hellmouth

The Golden Griffons have gathered at the Towershade Inn in Horizon, home to the Imperial College of Magic and the Archmage himself. They await a guide “Marta” has arranged to guide them into the Dire Wood. The guide, a ranger known as Tristan, arrives and they soon depart.

The group leave Horizon and head cross-country towards The Dire Wood. After a hard days march, the Griffons make camp for the night. During Ulrich’s watch a vengeance-seeking ogre looking to avenge his fallen brother attacked. The brute charged bellowing while the paladin set his glaive to receive the giant’s charge. He skewered the ogre.

The next day, the party cut across a large cattle farm. They came across an enraged bull. Penvice drove of the bull with a fiery bolt of magic. Later the noble land owner came looking for whomever set his prize bull ablaze. Tristan convinced the noble of their innocence.

As the party drew near to the Dire Wood, a band of lawless bandits demanded a toll. Snowflake drew them in and slayed them all with one swing of her Greatsword.

Tristan lead them into the Dire Wood, blazing a trail through the thick, thorny underbrush.Hiking across the treacherous ground, Tristan wrenched his ankle in a small burrow.

The intrepid band came upon the ruins they sought.Snowflake noticed that the hillside and the ruins themselves were literally covered in a squirming blanket of vermin. The sorcerer took this as a sign that this indeed is the location of the Hellmouth. The adventurers discussed a variety of plans to bypass the insect plague. Snowflake tied a rag to cover her nose and mouth, and dashed up the hill. The blanket became a swarm of biting and stinging vermin. She reached the actual Hellmouth mostly unscathed. The others followed. Penvice blazed a trail using burning hands, but the agitated cloud of insects put the hurt on his companions. They eventually reached the Hellmouth.

The Golden Griffons entered the Hellmouth. As they progressed downward, the wall sconce torches lighted on there own. The tunnel became a spiral, curving ever downward. They found a chamber illuminated by lava vents. A group of four Gnolls were playing “fingerbones” while a nearby Hellhound gnawed on a rotten arm. The band burst forth from the shadows, Ulrich knocked the Hellhound in to one of the lava vents, it plunged a hundred feet into the magma beneath. The rest of the party battled the savage gnolls, and after a hard fought battle, they were victorious. Amongst the frozen remains of one of the Gnolls, Penvice found a large silver key. On the table they found several jewels, many gold coins, a golden hilted dagger, a magical talisman, and a couple of healing potions.

Delving deeper into the dungeon the Griffons came upon a blasphemous hybrid of Ogre and Cave Troll. The paladin dismembered the monstrosity with his enchanted glaive and set it ablaze. They continued ever downward until the stair cam to an end. Between them and the door was a great abyss. Snowflake fired an arrow into the door. Frank the imp followed his master’s commands and tied a rope to the arrow as he tied the other end to the stair. The adventurers shimmied across.

They entered a twisting labyrinth and came across another hellhound. Snowflake leaped upon the beast’s back before plunging her greatsword deep, slaying it. In the heart of the labyrinth, they found a great treasure. Inside a locked chest that the sorcerer unlocked with his silver key, they found a couple of garnets the size of Snowflake’s fist, 300gp in various coins, and an enchanted leather pouch.

Children's Crusade Part 2
Assault on Fort Dread

Not far from the ogre’s camp, Penvice and Ulrich come upon a group of bandits that seem to be hunting a little girl. Soon the “girl” revealed herself by beheading one of the bandits with a Greatsword! She was Snowflake, a Halfling Knight Errant and part time Bounty Hunter. She quickly beheaded a second bandit, leaving only her main quarry, Skarr!

Skarr is an bloodthirsty bandit and cutthroat known for leaving no witnesses!( Ulrich remembered him from his days as a bandit on the High Road) Skarr has a good price on his head ( 75gp ) for his crimes. (His gang members only have a 10gp bounty each )

Snowflake is joined by the other two heroes and quickly subdue him.

The three travel the road together. Snowflake’s deadeye with a bow saves the day when they disturb a hive of giant Wasps! Ulrich dispatches a pair of malodorous forest imps with a single swing of his newly found Glaive. That night, they made camp. They were set upon by a huge pack of wolves. Penvice made quick work of them with his Lightning Fork spell.

The next day they came upon a crossroads. They found several men left to rot in crow cages. The heroes free the captives, after learning that they were farmers and craftsmen that refused to fight for the Crusader. One of the craftsmen told the party that his wife and son were being held at Fort Dread. Snowflake secured Skarr in a crow cage, and joined the others to free the captives from the fort.

They use the orders they found at the ogre’s camp to masquerade as couriers and gain entrance to the fort.Inside they find a skeleton crew. The Castellian of Fort Dread had taken the majority of the garrison to round up more recruits. Seizing the opportunity, the heroes took out the meager defenders and freed the captives.

They ventured into the ruined keep looking for the rest of the captives. Snowflake slid under a razor pendulum trap and found the switch to deactivate it. They head deeper, travelling down a steep stair down into a dark abyss. They disturb a massive colony of bats nesting in the stairwell. The bats nearly knocked the Heroes into the abyss, but Ulrich drove his axe into the stair to anchor a human chain to save them all. Later he triggered a gauntlet of poison dart traps. Using his Breath of the White spell he froze the mechanism solid, disarming the trap.

Finally they reached the Fort Dread Dungeon. They witness a massive disfigured Minotaur torturing one of the captives with a fiery brand. They used stealth to sneak up on the two guards watching the Minotaur, and slit their throats. The Minotaur smelled the fresh blood, pulled a red hot sword from a nearby brazier, and charged at the PCs, but since he was nearly blind, he missed. Snowflake and Ulrich kept the Minotaur busy while Penvice peppered him with spells from afar. Ulrich was nearly zapped by an arch of lightning from the sorcerer’s Lightning Fork spell.

After the beast fell, Ulrich recovered the cellblock keys. Penvice freed the man being tortured. Snowflake, sure that there must be a sizable bounty on a beast this foul, beheaded the Minotaur. Ulrich then freed the rest of the captives, but found not one of the captives knew a “Marta”. He also found the Fort garrison’s payroll ( 300gp, 3 sizable rubies [that he pocketed! yes the Paladin pocketed the gems ] and a healing potion that Penvice claims is just eye of newt, a magical reagent )

Once they again saw daylight, they found the fort in the hands of several soldiers of the Imperial Legion! They were taking orders from a Halfling in dark leathers, Marta! She revealed that her father was not taken by the men of Fort Dread, and this has all been a test to see if they are worthy to do further service to the Emperor. They passed. She rewards them with some gold ( 75gp ) and a healing potion. She then offers them a job rescuing a Half-orc treasure hunter from a Hellhole located in the Dire Woods. It seems that Jaxor Fell has a map of vital importance to the Empire. The Golden Griffons agree.

Children's Crusade Part 1

Penvice Greyeyes(Chris) and Ulrich Wayland(Mark) were visiting The Gilded Griffin, a tavern on the main road from Axis to Glitterhagen. Their respite was interrupted by a group of armed men. They announced that they had come seeking volunteers to join the army of The Crusader. They began selecting recruits, until a young farmhand spoke up. The leader slaughtered the youth.

They then turned their attention to Ulrich. The Paladin and Penvice, the Sorcerer made quick work of the Crusader’s men, then made their escape through the tavern’s cellar, setting the place ablaze to cover their escape. Horst, the tavern’s owner, was killed as they made for the woods.

The duo were then chased deep into the forest by a pack of hounds. Penvice froze them solid with his Breathe of the White. They hiked deeper into the woods until they came to a stream inundated by the recent heavy rain. The party detoured to find a safe place to cross. An angry black bear attacked, but fled when it was set on fire by the sorcerer.

The adventurers found a nearly abandoned farmhouse, the only resident was a teary-eyed little girl named Marta. Her father was taken by the Crusader’s men. She begged the heroes to save her papa.She tells them that they mentioned a fort.

The next morning, they set off to liberate Crusader’s newest conscripts, and locate this fort. Following the wagons deep tracks they head south. Shortly after sundown, a pack of wolves, attracted by the smell of their rations, attacked. The duo chased them off with fiery brands. They trail left the main road and headed into the woods.

An ill-conceived ambush attempt by a band of child bandits was thwarted by a well placed shield bash to the bandit leader’s face.

Not long after, the sorcerer, accustom to strange smells detected roasting meat and burning hair.He sent his familiar to investigate. The imp did not return. The heroes soon followed finding the camp of a hungry Ogre. They defeat the ogre, and rescue the imp. They discovered that the ogre’s latest dinner guest was a courier carrying orders for the Crusader’s garrison at Fort Dread to return to First Triumph with the new recruits.

They find a strange serrated polearm being used as a strut for the ogre’s yurt.

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