Penvice Greyeyes

Dark Elf Sorcerer as played by Christopher Melnyczuk


Penvice Greyeyes
Dark Elf Sorcerer Level 2
One Unique Thing: Knows that The Elf Queen is not the true and rightful regent of the Elves.
Str13(1) Dex20(5) Con15(2) Int13(1) Wis15(1) Cha17(3)
HP45 Recoveries 8 (2d6 + 2) AC17 PD15 MD14
Backgrounds: Former Student At The Imperial College of Magic For Ungentlemanly Conduct + 5
Grave Robber + 3
Class Features: Gather Power, Dancing Lights
Class Talents: Spell Fist,Sorcerer’s Familiar,Fey Heritage
Racial Power: Cruel
Feats:Spell Fist(A),Lightning Fork (A)
Spells: Burning Hands:close, at-will/ + 5 vs PD/ 1d8 + 3 fire
Chaos Bolt:close or far, at-will/ + 5 vs. PD/ 3d10 + 3 random energy
Resist Energy:recharge16 + after battle/ resist 1 energy type 12 +
Lightning Fork:ranged,recharge16 + ,chain/+ 5 vs PD/ 3d6 + 3 lightning/miss half:
Breath of the White: close,daily,recharge16 + / + 5 vs PD/3d6 + 3 cold/miss half
Breath of the Green:: close,daily,recharge16 + / + 5 vs PD/ 15 + 3 ongoing poison dmg/miss 5 ongoing poison
Melee: Dagger + 3 vs AC/ 2d4 + 1
Icon Relationships: Elf Queen 1(conflicted),Archmage 1(negative),The Three 1(conflicted)
Magic Items: Talisman of Gathered Power, Pouch of Useful Items, 2 Potions of Healing


Penvice Greyeyes

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