Ulrich Wayland

Human Paladin as played by Mark T Miller


Ulrich Wayland
Human Paladin Level 2
One Unique Thing: Knows that he is the bastard son of the man known as The Crusader.
Str18(4) Dex14(2) Con14(2) Int15(2) Wis14(2) Cha17(3)
HP40 Recoveries 8 ( 2d10 + 2) AC22 PD14 MD17
Backgrounds: Apprentice to the Master Smith of House Clegane + 3
Former Bandit of the High Road + 3
Cathedrel Guard + 2
Class Features: Smite Evil
Class Talents: Bastion, Lay on Hands,Fearless
Racial Power: Quick to Fight
Feats:Smite Evil(a), Lay on Hands(a), Reach Tricks, Improved Initiative
Melee: Battleaxe + 7 vs AC/ 2d8 + 4/ miss 2
Glaive + 8 vs AC/ 2d10 + 4 /miss 2
Icon Relationships: Great Golden Wyrm 2( positive), The Crusader 1 (conflicted)
Magic Items: Bloodthirsty Glaive, Helm of Protection, 2 Healing Potions


Ulrich Wayland

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