Tales of the 13th Age: The Golden Griffons

Children's Crusade Part 1

Penvice Greyeyes(Chris) and Ulrich Wayland(Mark) were visiting The Gilded Griffin, a tavern on the main road from Axis to Glitterhagen. Their respite was interrupted by a group of armed men. They announced that they had come seeking volunteers to join the army of The Crusader. They began selecting recruits, until a young farmhand spoke up. The leader slaughtered the youth.

They then turned their attention to Ulrich. The Paladin and Penvice, the Sorcerer made quick work of the Crusader’s men, then made their escape through the tavern’s cellar, setting the place ablaze to cover their escape. Horst, the tavern’s owner, was killed as they made for the woods.

The duo were then chased deep into the forest by a pack of hounds. Penvice froze them solid with his Breathe of the White. They hiked deeper into the woods until they came to a stream inundated by the recent heavy rain. The party detoured to find a safe place to cross. An angry black bear attacked, but fled when it was set on fire by the sorcerer.

The adventurers found a nearly abandoned farmhouse, the only resident was a teary-eyed little girl named Marta. Her father was taken by the Crusader’s men. She begged the heroes to save her papa.She tells them that they mentioned a fort.

The next morning, they set off to liberate Crusader’s newest conscripts, and locate this fort. Following the wagons deep tracks they head south. Shortly after sundown, a pack of wolves, attracted by the smell of their rations, attacked. The duo chased them off with fiery brands. They trail left the main road and headed into the woods.

An ill-conceived ambush attempt by a band of child bandits was thwarted by a well placed shield bash to the bandit leader’s face.

Not long after, the sorcerer, accustom to strange smells detected roasting meat and burning hair.He sent his familiar to investigate. The imp did not return. The heroes soon followed finding the camp of a hungry Ogre. They defeat the ogre, and rescue the imp. They discovered that the ogre’s latest dinner guest was a courier carrying orders for the Crusader’s garrison at Fort Dread to return to First Triumph with the new recruits.

They find a strange serrated polearm being used as a strut for the ogre’s yurt.

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