The Gilded Griffon


The Gilded Griffon was a small Inn and Tavern on the Imperial Way. It was located several days travel north of the Imperial Capital of Axis on the way to Glitterhagen. It was a waypoint for travelers, be they merchants or sellsword. It was a meeting place for the local farmers and craftsmen, and generally a good place to unwind.

The owner was a kindly man named Horst, rumor had it that he was a retired member of the Imperial Legion, and a veteran of several campaigns.

Forces loyal to the Crusader came one night looking for “volunteers” to join his army. The Griffon was razed to the ground to cover the escape of Penvice Greyeyes and Ulrich Weyland. Horst Died in the escape attempt, pierced through the heart by crossbow bolt.

The Gilded Griffon

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